Golden Fish Inn Gateshead

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Menu Golden Fish Inn Gateshead

Enjoy your favourite dishes at our restaurant type today. Explore the vast menu that includes various specials, starters, and main dishes. Our Specials with Chips menu has some classics including Cheesy Chips, Bolognese & Chips, and Chips and Any Sauce. A great selection of extras is provided with these dishes for an incredible taste. There is also an American Style Burgers menu that has various Burger dishes. You can find Chilli Burger, Chicken Burger, and Vegetarian Burger among other items. We can guarantee you an amazing experience with any of the choices of extras provided with these dishes. Our signature dishes include Large Cod, Bolognese pizza, Donner Kebab, and Fish Bites. These dishes exemplify the different styles that we have on the menu. Various Vegetarian selections are included on our menu and customers can explore a wide range of salads and sauces to include. Chicken lovers also have a wide range of dishes to choose from. Our Southern Fried Chicken menu gives you access to different pieces of tasty Chicken. We also have Wraps, Souvalakis, Desserts, Sauces, Drinks and so much more. Come and explore the menu for more details about our food and services.

About Golden Fish Inn Gateshead

Enjoy the tastiest dishes at Golden Fish Inn today. We serve amazing dishes and our services are top-notch. Customers can enjoy a variety of styles and flavours at our premises. Our main selection includes various fish and chips dishes but we also have some popular dishes spread out across our menu. We are a restaurant that is renowned for quality dishes. Our experience in the hospitality realm is extensive, having been serving various communities for a long time. Our main strengths are in the kitchen and at the tableside. In the kitchen, we are master mixers who identify the best ingredients in the market for our dishes. We borrow from great traditions of food preparation. We always aim to make the most popular dishes distinct by getting creative with the recipes. We have also invested heavily in quality control. The kind of service we provide is one that is marked by professionalism and experience. Our service team is always passionate and committed to ensuring that you are satisfied. Golden Fish Inn is also a restaurant that has a uniquely enjoyable atmosphere. The time spent at our premises will definitely be memorable. 

Restaurant location Golden Fish Inn Gateshead

Visit us today at 7 Boxlaw, Gateshead, NE9 6ST area. We serve the finest fish & chips takeaway in town. Our customers can enjoy a great selection of dishes that are the epitome of culinary excellence. We are also a unique spot in the city that has a fantastic atmosphere for relaxing. The services that we provide are accessible via our digital platforms too. Be sure to download our apps from the Google Play store or App Store to explore the menu. For all our local customers, a fast food delivery service is available. Order today from Golden Fish Inn for the best experience in town.

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